Todd Wallace
Director of Information Systems
Skyhawks Inc.
PO Box 18529, Spokane, WA 99228

I can highly recommend Mike Mayfield for the most challenging programming tasks you might have. I have known and worked with a lot of skilled programming professionals, but none that can compare with Mike. I have never met anyone with the combination of breadth and depth of knowledge and skills that Mike possesses. He is not only an exceptional developer, but is equally capable of project lead and management roles.

I have been programming for years and thought I "knew how to do it", but I learned so much from working with him on the WAAY TV project. Things such as his attention to detail and constant concern for supportability during design and implementation impressed me deeply. There didn't seem to be anything he didn't know or hadn't already done.

Now that I am Director of Information Systems at Skyhawks, with a team of developers and support people working for me, I am trying to instill the expertise, professionalism and work ethic I saw in Mike into my own people. Many of the skills and techniques I learned from Mike are being put to good use at Skyhawks. I am sure they will help make Skyhawks even more successful than we are already.

If you are looking for the best consultant you can find, look no further. You can't do better than Mike Mayfield.