August 5, 2002

To whom it may concern:

The State of Washington, Department of Licensing has known and used Mike Mayfield for technology services since 2000.  He has provided services for Internet Technologies and Application Development. Based on his exceptional contributions to our projects, I highly recommend him.

Mike was Architect for the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Project.  This project reengineered the entire UCC program from beginning to end. The existing IBM mainframe system was replaced by a new enterprise-level, client-server application. An Imaging and OCR system was developed to automate handling of the new UCC national forms. A major website was also created to support all internal operations and allow our customers to file, search, and monitor their account information through the Internet. 

The UCC project was one of the largest development efforts performed by Department of Licensing during the year. With its potential impact on every corporation in the state, it was a high visibility project that “had to work”. I credit Mike’s excellent design and team management skills for much of the success of this critical project.

The results were even better than we had hoped for. Under the prior system, processing required over two weeks. We now average less then one day. We provide better services to our customers while significantly reducing our costs.

The state of Washington received the Overall Best of the Web award in both the Corporate and UCC categories from the International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) for the exceptional website provided with this project. UCC has also been nominated for the NASCIO award, to be awarded in August.


Janie Peterson, Manager
Department of Licensing